Fee Payment and Charges

Full payment is to be made at the time of consultation.

We accept Cash, Laser or Visa Card Payment.

Unfortunately we cannot accept payments by cheque.

It is our policy to issue receipts at the time of consultation only.


Fees and Charges
Please see below for a sample of our most common charges

  • General Consultation €60
  • Consultation with blood tests €80
  • Nurse Consultation €45
  • Full Time 3rd Level Student €50
  • Smears via CervicalCheck - free of charge
  • Combined Antenatal care - free of charge
  • Routine Childhood Immunisations - free of charge

3rd level students must inform reception when booking and present valid student card upon arrival to clinic.
For details on other charges please ask a member our reception team.


Services Provided to Medical Card Holders
The GMS medical card entitles current holders to a wide range of medical services from their nominated GP. These services are provided to the medical card holder free of charge and include standard consultations for treatment of illnesses and related services necessary for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. Full medical card and ‘Doctor Only’ medical card holders are entitled to the same services free of charge within the clinic.


Services Not Covered by Medical Card Entitlements
There are, however, some services which your GP may be able to provide, but which are not covered by Medical card entitlements. When GPs are asked to provides additional services, which fall outside their contract with the HSE, they are entitled to make a reasonable charge for providing them. Charges are made in line with the Irish Medical Organisation’s recommended fees.


Examples of non-GMS services for which GPs charge their medical card patients are:

  • Signing passport application forms
  • Certain travel vaccinations and other prescriptions for travel
  • Examinations in relation to fitness to drive, including eye test
  • Examinations in connection with fitness to take part in sports
  • Pre–employment medicals
  • Insurance & Medico-legal Examinations and Reports
  • Insurance Claim form-filling and reports
  • Sexual Health Screening
  • Referral for private care
  • Letters requested by, or on behalf of, the patient

These examples are not exhaustive. All services not covered by medical card entitlements, including certificates, examinations, and private prescriptions or reports are charged for. Medical Card patients requesting any of these services are responsible for the relevant fees.


Medical Expenses
If you have accumulated receipts for GP visits, blood tests, specialist visits, x-rays or ultrasounds and prescriptions, there are a number of ways you can claim some of these costs back.
If you are paying tax, it is possible to claim a portion of these costs against your personal taxes at the end of the year. Information on how you can claim back a significant percentage of medical expenses against tax may be found from this link. Complete a MED 1 form which you can down load here – www.revenue.ie/forms/med1.pdf and send it back to your local Revenue office. Alternatively you can call the Revenue on 1890 333 425 and they will send a copy of the form out in the post to you.

If you have private health insurance, depending on the plan you have, it may be possible to claim back a portion of private health insurance expenses. If you have private health insurance, please contact your insurance company for more information.

Please note that receipts are issued at the time of consultation only.

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