Antenatal Care

Generation Health is a registered practice for the government Mother and Baby Scheme. This scheme, referred to as combined antenatal care, is open to all women with a PPS number who have been living in Ireland more than one year. Visits are advised to confirm the pregnancy before 12 weeks, a hospital visit occurs around 12 weeks, then visits alternate between hospital and general practice every 4 weeks from 24 to 30 weeks of pregnancy, every 2 weeks from 30 to 36 weeks and weekly from 36 to 40 weeks. Other pregnancy related conditions may also be covered as special visits under this scheme. Women who enrol for antenatal care with this scheme with Generation Health are entitled to these visits free of charge. The 2 week and 6 week post natal check for Mom and Baby are also covered.

Susan and Patricia, our midwives, are highly experienced in the care of pregnant Moms and is a great source of support and advice both throughout and after pregnancy. Your initial visit will be with a doctor and then we encourage you to attend the midwives for subsequent visits. However, our doctors are also trained in antenatal care and are happy to see you if an appointment with them suits better.

Link to HSE info on CANC

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