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Helpful Health Advice Websites

We all like to research health issues on line. The internet can be a great source of health information but it’s important to use reputable sites.

If you would like to read more see Dr Byrnes article on how to use the internet for health searches

Here are some sites that you may find helpful and that we at Generation Health have used ourselves. We must remind you that we are not responsible for the content or advice given on these sites and our listing of them is not an endorsement of their opinions or recommendations.


Irish Sites

One stop shop for information about cancer and it’s treatment

An A-Z encyclopaedia about various health issues

General health promotion advice

Breastfeeding advice and support

Advice and information about exercise for the whole family

Find out whats going on in your area

Healthy eating advice for families and children

Advice on healthy eating diet and nutrition

Mental health info and advice

Info on sexual health and disease

Advice on contraceptive choices and options

Crisis pregnancy advice site

Life and health info for young people aged 17 to 24

Youth mental health website

Advice and information about alcohol use and abuse

Info support and advice about drug abuse

Advice and support for those who want to quit smoking

Independent health site with general health information


UK Sites

Health comprehensive health websites with info on many disease that can be accessed online or download a printable version.

General health advice on many disease and condition

Comprehensive travel health advice including advice on vaccines required for individual countries


US Sites

Disease specific health advice and information

US government sponsored health website

Women’s health advice and information

Information about children and adolescent health

The centre for Disease Control

The National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health reputable website that provides information, research and advice about alternative and complimentary therapies and treatments.

Consumer friendly health advice


This list is not exhaustive there are many more excellent health related sites. If you have researched a site and are unsure of it’s pedigree please discuss it with one of our healthcare team.

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