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What We Do

We offer a full range
of Medical Services

Our doctors are highly trained and experienced and are here to help you get well. We are determined to offer same day appointments and will always endeavour to do so. You will be seen in our modern, fully equipped, clean and hygienic consult rooms.

Medical services available on site include: health assessment and examination, routine blood tests, screening bloods for many other medical conditions including: diabetes, cholesterol, genetic conditions, urine tests, swabs, respiratory assessment, electrocardiograms, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, nebuliser treatment, cryotherapy, eye tests, ear syringing, sexual health screens, cervical smears, routine and travel vaccinations.

If you would like to book an appointment for one of these services please click here.

If you would like to get in touch with us for more information on these services or to enquire about a service not listed here, please click here.

Services we offer

Generation Health is a registered practice for the government Mother and Baby Scheme. This scheme, referred to as combined antenatal care, is open to all women with a PPS number who have been living in Ireland more than one year. Visits are advised to confirm the pregnancy before 12 weeks, a hospital visit occurs around 12 weeks, then visits alternate between hospital and general practice every 4 weeks from 24 to 30 weeks of pregnancy, every 2 weeks from 30 to 36 weeks and weekly from 36 to 40 weeks. Other pregnancy related conditions may also be covered as special visits under this scheme i.e Gestational Diabetes.

Women who enroll for antenatal care with this scheme with Generation Health are entitled to these visits free of charge, unfortunately visits outside of antenatal care are not covered by the scheme during pregnancy.

The 2 week  for baby and 6 week post natal check for Mom and Baby are also covered.

Our midwives, are highly experienced in the care of pregnant Moms and is a great source of support and advice both throughout and after pregnancy. Your initial visit will be with a doctor and then we encourage you to attend the midwives for subsequent visits. However, our doctors are also trained in antenatal care and are happy to see you if an appointment with the midwife is not available.

Link to HSE info on CANC

We love caring for babies and children at Generation Health. Our rooms are spacious and secure with desk corner protection for little heads and toys in the waiting and consult rooms. There are baby change facilities on site. If you have forgotten a nappy, don't worry, we have some here too. Generation Health actively promotes breastfeeding and you are welcome to feed your baby in common areas and the consult rooms. Many of our staff are parents themselves and so are well aware of the little things that may help. If there is anything we can do please ask.

We have signed up for the free Under 6's GP care and look forward to welcoming all our new very important little patients. Continuing to offer same day access to appointments is very important to us.

We provide 2 and 6 week baby checks as part of the government Mother and Baby Scheme. Our clinic partakes in the National Scheme for Childhood Immunisations and these are available free of charge. If you wish to have your child vaccinated against illnesses (such as chicken pox) that fall outside the childhood vaccination scheme this can be arranged but will incur an extra charge. We are happy to answer any questions you have in relation to these. Please make an appointment with our nurse or doctors. We have close links with many of the paediatric hospitals and if any further investigations are required we can facilitate referral to these.

For more information please see immunisations section

Many couples encounter difficulties when trying to conceive. This can cause stress and dismay. If you are experiencing fertility issues, or considering pregnancy, please make an appointment to see one of our doctors. We can offer help and advice. There are many initial tests that can be carried out at Generation Health to help assess your fertility and identify the cause, if any, of your fertility problems. We can facilitate referral to a number of fertility clinics should this be required.

For those who wish to avoid pregnancy we offer a full range of contraceptive advice and services including the morning after pill, contraceptive pill prescriptions, intrauterine coil insertion and removal, contraceptive implant insertion and removal, and depot contraceptive injections. We can offer advice and referral for both male and female sterilisation for both medical card and private patients.

Generation Health is well equipped to investigate and treat a range of women’s health issues. With a choice of female doctors and our experienced practice nurse we can offer sexual health screening, contraceptive advice, insertion and removal of intrauterine contraceptive devices and contraceptive implants.

We are registered smear takers with the National Cervicalcheck programme and smears are available free of charge to those aged 25 to 60.

Please check you are registered at the link below. If you are outside this age group and require a smear we can arrange for your smear to be sent to a private lab for analysis. We also investigate and treat a range of women’s problems including menstrual problems, menopausal complaints, osteoporosis, breast pain and lumps, and genitourinary problems.

Please contact us at the clinic nearest to you and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have

Men tend to access health services less than women. At Generation Health we actively encourage men to take an active role in their health. We have a choice of male and female doctors all of whom are happy to address any health issues or concerns you may have in a sensitive and open manner. We offer care for all your medical concerns along with investigation and advice on mens complaints such as prostate and genitourinary concerns, sexual health screens, management of erectile dysfunction and fertility problems.

Your mental health has a profound influence on your physical wellbeing. The team at Generation Health want you to know “it’s ok not to be ok”. We are hear to listen to your concerns and upset in a compassionate and considerate atmosphere. We can offer helpful advice, refer you a range counsellors and therapists, recommend a list of books you may find helpful, and advise you on how to access courses in mindfulness based therapy. If you require medication or referral this will also be arranged. We have strong links with both adult and child Mental health services.

Apart from helping you get well, the team at Generation Health want you to “stay well and live well”. 21st century healthcare is more than just about curing your ills. We know now more than ever that the way we live our lives from the womb on influences our health in later years. It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years that is important and we want you to live a long and healthy life.

When you register with us we will offer baseline checks such as blood pressure, height and weight. We take a full and comprehensive medical history for you and your family. From this we can evaluate your risk for a number of disease and conditions. We will also offer to reavaluate these risks as you attend us over time.

With a full picture of your health and risks we can offer you comprehensive lifestyle and health advice. This risk assessment isn't extra at Generation Health it’s just part of what we do. In consultation with you we can offer to arrange further screening test on site or refer as appropriate to other services. Dr Nina Byrnes has a special interest in this area.

For more see

We can offer comprehensive advice for those travelling abroad and offer a range of travel vaccinations and anti malarial prescriptions. If you are planning foreign travel, you should book a consultation with the doctor or the practice nurse well in advance. Ideally, book your appointment at least four to six weeks before your planned trip.

Your individual requirements will be assessed based on your destination, length of trip, previous vaccinations and medical history. You will need a medical consultation to ensure you are safe to travel and to receive vaccination. We are registered centre for Yellow Fever vaccination.

Dr James Geraghty has an interest in travel health and our practice nurse Susan McKenna is also highly experienced in this area.

For more information see

We offer a range of medical assessments. These include driving license assessments, pre employment medicals, sporting medicals, medico legal reports and examinations and life insurance reports and medicals. We can also provide examinations and complete forms for the department of social welfare including maternity benefit forms, disability forms and sick benefit forms.

Please notify reception if you are booking a medical as a longer appointment may be required.

We partake in the national childhood immunisation scheme and these are available free of charge to all children within the correct age group. We also offer annual flu vaccination to all those in at risk groups. These are free to medical card holders. Private patients will receive the vaccine free but there is a charge for it’s administration. Annual flu vaccination is offered from the months of October through March. Vaccination is required every year. Pneumococcal pneumonia is another preventable respiratory illness. All those who are advised flu vaccination should ask to receive this vaccination.

For more information please see HSE influenza advice section

We can offer advice and care for a range of dermatological conditions. We also have cryotherapy facilities on site and can arrange for freezing of a number of different skin condition including warts, verrucaes and actinic keratosis. This service is covered by the medical card and is free to medical card patients. Most private insurance companies will cover a course of treatment also. We are registered with all major insurers.

If you book cryotherapy bring your insurance details along and we can assist you in availing of cryotherapy free of charge.